CF50 Zero Gap Centrifugal Disc Finishing, Polishing, and Buffing Machine

The CF series polishing machines are perfect for machined parts, casting parts, stampings, and jewelry. These parts are very small and they won’t last in a conventional polishing or deburring machine. The CF series from Inovatec eliminates the problems with jewelry polishing.
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CF Centrifugal Disc Finisher Product Description

The CF series is a lineup of high energy mass finishing machines. It utilizes a zero-gap design for maximum effectiveness. It’s designed to reduce manual labor and the risk of material handling. One of the unique selling points of this machine is the fast results.

CF20 and CF50 are two of our disc tumbling machines and these are the result of years of fine-tuning and experimentation. Whether your parts are fragile or strong, the machine will seamlessly polish them without lodging. It’s a user-friendly design which means it is very easy to use.


  • The drum is made from hot-poured PU
  • Siemens PLC touchscreen for controls
  • Heavy-duty Nord motor from Germany
  • Innovative zero-gap design
  • Variable speeds
  • Dosing pump
  • Aluminum frame for rigidity


  • Seamless polishing of watch components
  • Great for polishing jewelry parts
  • Polishing electronic components
  • Polishing 3D printed parts
  • Polishing amber


CF Centrifugal Disc Finishing System Introduction

Highly user-friendly

The rotational speed, machine running time (forward/backward respectively), compound dosing as well as other processing data can be easily programmed into Siemens PLC navigate touch screen system with dozens of different programs that can be stored for different samples.

Absolute reliability

Inovatec uses the highest degree of mechanical and electric components ensuring the highest level of reliability and maintenance-free products.

Extremely cost-effective

Low initial investment and low cost for customer, low processing cost compared with conventional manual processes

Excellent process results 

A wide range of applications including deburring, polishing, de-rusting, degreasing as well as edge rounding.

Ceramic ring/tungsten alloy ring

The system is typically used in a dry polishing machine which guaranteed high productivity and precision in surface finishing results. Besides, the durability of the ring material itself provides maintenance-free quality products.

CF20 middle ring

Zero gap disc/ring

The zero-gap system allows components to be finished in the barrel without being stuck in the gap between disc and ring. The specific design structure allows very fine grinding and polishing of parts that have sizes below 0.5mm to be finished.

disc centrifugal disc finishing machine CF20

CF Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Working Principle

The CF series machine from Inovatec works on a centrifugal disc finishing concept; it functions with a highly effective and efficient mass finishing system.

During this process, the components are processed in a barrel-shaped container where tumbling media and components make a rotational relative movement.

The media inside the container is driven by the centrifugal force of the disc generated from the bottom of the container.

The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing through the wet processing machine.

In the dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

Barrel CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine

The centrifugal force with different media that acts on the surface of the component gives different finishing results, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with the vibratory finishing process.

During wet surface, the constant water and compound flow takes the wear off debris together.

This leaves the components fresh and have a clean surface.

CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine

backside centrifugal disc finisher CF20

Application of CF Centrifugal Disk Finishing Equipment

The wide application of the machine includes the high requirement industry area, especially for small batch high requirement applications including jewelry polishing, medical industry, the dental industry as well as other specified industries.


CF Series Zero Gap Centrifugal Disk Finisher Feature

For small and high precision components specifically with sizes lower than 0.5mm, the Inovatec CF series machine can offer time-saving and repeatable results with a low cost-effective solution.

The machine’s wide range of application ranges from metal parts to thermoset rubber and plastic materials, which can offer a luster surface from deburring to shinning surface performance.

side CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine


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