VA20 Adjustable Small Gap Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine (Wet/Dry) Deburring Machine Polishing Machine

Centrifugal disc finisher VA series from Inovatec is a mass finishing machine that utilizes the gyroscopic motion to polish intricate parts. It can be a clever purchase for manufacturers who operate on a large-scale. These machines are capable of reducing material handling and manual labor in terms of metal parts processing.
TypeTotal capacityMaximal workpieceBarrel speedVoltagePowerMotor speedDimensionsWeight
VA99200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.371340606 x 660 x 1220100
VA9-29X2200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X21340972 x 660 x 1220160
VA9-39X3200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X313401410 x 660 x 1220220
VA2020250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.751380700 x 790 x 1440140
VA20-220X2250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X213801160 x 790 x 1440235
VA20-320X3250-400220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X313801690 x 790 x 1440330
VA3838300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.21430890 x 800 x 1440220
VA38-238X2300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X214301490 x 800 x 1440370
VA38-338X3300-450380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X314302130 x 800 x 1440530

Centrifugal Disc Finisher VA Series Product Description

The VA series machines are also known as gyrate polishers and we have multiple variants available in our inventory. The VA9, VA20, and VA38 to be more specific. These machines have a small gap design to achieve maximum efficiency in processing thin jewelry parts. Whether it’s an earring or a pendant, you can rely on these machines to process intricate designs.


  • Disc pendants and the griding barrel are made of Dow chemical from the USA
  • A spiral device is used to adjust the gaps
  • Automatic heat radiation for maximum performance
  • Equipped with speed control, timer control, and forward/reverse movement
  • Automatic water recycling for cooling
  • Compound dosing system for wet machine


  • Used for polishing intricate wristwatch parts
  • Polishing jewelry parts
  • Polishing complex electronic components
  • Polishing 3D printer parts

Introduction for VA Series Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machine

The patented adjustable gap system of the VA series enables a precision of 0.05mm.

This unique setting of the gap between the disc and the ring of the barrel makes super fine polishing granules to be possibly used as media.

The VA series model, therefore, produces the superior polishing surface with the lowest processing cost.

Besides, the customized process prevents the gap from overheating.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA20-2


Working Principle for VA Series Jewelry Polishing Machine

The VA series machine from Inovatec works on the centrifugal disc finishing concept, it functions with a highly effective and efficient mass finishing system.

During this process, the components are processed in a barrel-shaped container where finishing media and components make a rotational relative movement.

The media inside the container is driven by the centrifugal force of the disc generated from the bottom of the container.

The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing through in the wet processing machine.

In a dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

The centrifugal force with different media acts on the surface of the components giving different finishing results, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with the vibratory finishing process.

During wet surface finishing processing, constant water and compound flow takes away the wear-off debris.

This leaves the components of a fresh and clean surface.


VA Series Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Application

Suitable for small to medium-sized production capacity, especially suitable for flexible production with small batches of multi-category production.



VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine feature:

  • Lower capital investment compared with CF ZERO gap machine model
  • The system model can be customized according to customer requirement
  • Better cost-effective
  • High efficient machine design with already in-hand experience and process
  • Superior surface finishing
  • Deburring machine, polishing machine, buffing machine
  • VA20 high-precision centrifugal disc finishing machine outside view drawing

VA60 Centrifugal disc finishing machine

  1. Frame  2. Grinding Barrel  3. Electrical Control Box  4. Handle  5. Cycle Water Device (Inlet Valve)  6. Screen  7.Collector

Instruction  Of  Water  System

  1. Pump   2. Fitting   3. Quick  Fitting   4. Tube-Circular  Water   5. Bend   6. Valve-Control  Quantity  Of  Water  7. Plastic  Drainpipe   8. Water  Tank-ratio of grinding   9. Plug into the socket under the electric box    10. Pump  Plug

separator for media and parts

Installation of VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine:

  • 1. Assemble 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as a set, Put the pump into the water tank;
  • 2. Assemble the support on the top of the barrel;
  • 3. If you want to use the water comes down from 7 circularly to drain water to the water tank.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

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