VA20 adjustable small gap centrifugal disc finishing machine (wet/dry) deburring machine polishing machine buffing machine
TypeTotal capacityMaximal wokpieceBarrel speedVoltagePowerMotor speedDimensionsWeight
VA99200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.371340606 x 660 x 1220100
VA9-29X2200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X21340972 x 660 x 1220160
VA9-39X3200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X313401410 x 660 x 1220220
VA2020250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.751380700 x 790 x 1440140
VA20-220X2250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X213801160 x 790 x 1440235
VA20-320X3250-400220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X313801690 x 790 x 1440330
VA3838300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.21430890 x 800 x 1440220
VA38-238X2300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X214301490 x 800 x 1440370
VA38-338X3300-450380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X314302130 x 800 x 1440530


Please read and understand the manual before use the machine.

1. Acid or alkaline will damage the machine and dangerous. Do use the neutral compound.

2. Check whether the gap is suitable for the process. Do not put material smaller than the gap into the barrel. Do not damager the barrel with a sharp object.

3. The wet barrel is only for wet process and the dry barrel is only for dry process due to the different structure of barrel. Ensure the recirculated water system always works in order when doing the wet grinding process.

4. The user must use the machine in a correct and normal way. The inverter and gap only can be adjusted by qualified personnel.

5. The polishing stone and the dry polishing media mixed with polishing paste have a different grade, the different grade media can not be used together. When do several different processes in the same barrel, make sure the barrel is clean and no media used in the last process left before putting new media. In the dry polishing process, the workpiece must be dried and cleaned with ultrasonic machine after each process.

6. Check whether machine works in order before doing every process. If not, stop the machine and check immediately. Check the machine during the operation regularly. If there is any fault, stop the machine and check immediately.

7. Clean the deposit tank regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the water. Put some new polishing compound after changing the water. After use, the polishing media should put out and make sure the barrel and the machine in clean condition.

8. If the machine not in use for a long time, take the pump out and clean it, the deposit tank and the polishing also should be cleaned, Switch off and unplug the machine.

Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing the newest type of Inovatec LDG series high precision centrifugal disc finishing machine. The LDG series high precision centrifugal disc finishing machine-made many improvements on the basis of the old series machine in the structure, accuracy, material of key parts. The new series machine is more durable than the old type. The LDG series gyrate polishing machines introduce gyrate theory. It is more efficient for the gyrate working theory, watches, glasses, electronic components and various small fittings.


1.1 The machine should be started after the service and maintenance person has read and understand the instruction manual.

1.2 The machine has been teated in factory so there may be some remainder of material in barrel.

1.3 There are different specification machines, single wet grinding barrel or two barrels with one dry one wet, and three barrels with one dry two wets. Other specification is available according to your requirement.]

VA20-3 centrifugal disc finishing machine


1.4 Warning: We do not guarantee the damage and loss resulted in form operating not following the instructions.

2.Safe Instruction

2.1 The machine should be was placed on a stable and levelled surface and in ventilated condition. Avoid placing the machine in acid or an alkaline condition.

2.2 Ensure the ground line is connected before starting the machine. Do not put heavy things on the machine. Ensure machine works in ventilated condition.

2.3 Recommend using Inovatec series polishing media and polishing compound.

2.4 Acid or alkaline material will damage the machine badly and are dangerous.

2.5 Switch off and plug the machine when not in use.

3.Main Parameter

4.Structure (See The Outside View Drawing)

4.1 Machine structure: The machine made up of barrels, lock screw, pneumatic device, frame, screen device, recirculated water device (wet) and electrical control box.

4.1.1 there are two types of grinding barrel: dry grinding barrel and wet grinding barrel. The grinding barrel is made up of barrel seat, rotating disc and adjustable helix stationary wall. Adjustable helix stationary wall is made up of polyurethane (PU) wall, aluminum adjusting ring, steel ring (dry barrel) or polyurethane (PU) ring (wet barrel). The rotating disc is made by aluminum, match with adjustable aluminum ring by means of spring steel balls and six lock screw holes that individual on the top of the barrel. Each barrel is drove by individual motor by means of timing belt. Motor rotating speed is controlled by AC inverter. The speed is adjustable. The rotating direction is controlled by timer. It can rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise. The default value of the gap between stationary wall and rotating disc is 0.1-0.2mm. Adjust the gap by turn the stationary wall in clockwise or counterclockwise. Pull the handle behind of the barrel to overturn and discharge the workpiece and media.

4.1.2 Each grinding barrel is installed with six screws and pneumatic device; six screws are located in the below of flange of the barrel seat to ensure the stability of the adjustable stationary wall. The pneumatic device is located in the down-left of the grinding barrel to ensure discharge workpiece friendly when pulling the handle behind of the barrel.

4.1.3 The frame is welded of the steel plate and steel tube.

4.14 Screen device is located in front of the frame, is made up of the screen, collector and stainless steel plate. Discharge the workpiece and media to screen.

4.15 The wet grinding barrel is made up od recirculated water device and deposit tank. Recirculated water device is with the adjustable switch to control water flow (see recirculated water device instruction). When wet grinding barrel is started, the recirculated water device is started, the recirculated water device is started simultaneously. The deposit water can pump and reuse and save cost. It is facilitate to recovery the value metal.

Warning: When the wet grinding barrel is started,ensure water flow into the grinding barrel from the water nozzle of the recirculated water device!!! Otherwise machine will be damaged badly.

4.1.6 The electrical control box is installed on the right side of the frame; there are single barrel or double barrels (left and right), or there barrels (left, middle and right) operation systems. Each operation system has the function of setting rotating speed, normal/reversal and timing.

5.Preparation Before Start

5.1 Please read and understand the machine and inverter instruction manual before using.

5.2 Check whether all screws have been tightened.

5.3 Check whether components in the electrical control box connect well.

5.4 Check whether the power voltage is three-phase of 220V/50HZ.

5.5 Adjust the timer of normal/reversal and operation.

6.Initial Start


Ensure there isn’t any material in the barrel before starting the machine!!!

The precision of the machine has been adjusted in the factory. If is not necessary, please do not disassembly the machine.!! Do not operation the wet grinding barrel without water!! The parameter only can be adjusted by qualified personal!! After starting, the machine will reach the standard rotating speed after 15 minutes acceleration time, the default value of turning timer (in the electrical control box) is 0 minute.

6.1 Connect the power, “0” or “50” will flicker in the screen of inverter.

6.2 Press the “RUN” key of one barrel, the time of corresponding barrel start working. The recirculated water device starts simultaneously.

6.3 Press the “△” or “▽” button until the display change to accelerate or decelerate the speed. Actual speed will display in the screen. The attempt of operation in maximum speed for 3~5 minutes is allowed and check the machine whether work in order.

6.4 For the double or there barrels machine start other barrel and check whether the machine works in order.

6.5 Check whether the recirculated water device works in order.


7.1 Adjustment of the gap (see attachment): loosen the six screws under the seat of barrel and flange, turn the stationary wall clockwise to reduce the gap, turn anticlockwise to enlarge the gap. Check the gap with plug gauge. Fasten screws after finishing adjustment.

7.2 Adjustment of the timing belt: Tighten the check nut of the tensioning wheel on the stationary plate. Remove the outward to release it. Tighten the check duly when the tensioning wheel in the proper tension

7.3 Adjustment of timer: discharge the transparent protective cover of the timer, press “+” or “-” to change the letter or number. Each letter stands for H-hour, M-minute and S-second.


8.1 Check whether the gap between the wall and the disc is fit to operate regularly. Avoid putting workpiece less than the gap to the barrel. Avoid damaging the barrel with sharp piece.

8.2 Check whether the tightness of the tensioning wheel is fit to operation. Replace it immediately when it damager.

8.3 When adjusting the gap between the barrel and the disc, the machine that with grease nozzle should be added grease to the left and right nozzle first to ensure the accuracy.

We strong recommend adding grease every four weeks. Method of adding grease: screw off six lock screws under the flange of barrel seat, turn the adjustable wall counterclockwise to disassemble it. Clean the adjustable wall counterclockwise to disassemble it. Clean the joint faces and add some grease, then turn the barrel back, screw six screws.

8.4 If the machine works at fault, stop the machine and check whether any part is damaged. Notify or consult the manufacturer, do not use the machine until the trouble was resolved.

8.5 Machine should be kept neat and tidy.


9.1 Start machine as above process, if the machine works in order then do the following process.

9.2 Select polishing media depends on the shape and material of the workpiece. Put the selected media into the grinding barrel, approximately 12-14L (6Kg-10Kg), wet and dry process should be both in this range.

9.3 There should be some water added with grinding compound in the deposit tank before starting the machine. Mix the water and grinding compound well. Start machine. Put the workpiece into the polishing tank one by one after machine works in order. In the dry polishing process, add polishing media into the barrel then add some polishing paste into the media.(the ratio of polishing paste and media is: for the first use the polishing paste quantity paste should be 2%-3% of the polishing media. For the second use the polishing paste should be 0.1%-0.2% of the polishing media). Start machine. Mix the media and polishing paste well then add the workpiece one by one.

9.4 Set the working time according to your requirement. The machine is with the timing function. Set the working time and according to the process, clean and replace the contamination in the deposit tank regularly. Ensure the water cleanliness in the deposit tank.

9.5 In the wet grinding process, clean and replace the contamination in the deposit tank regularly. Ensure the water cleanliness in the deposit tank.

9.6 Discharge the media and workpiece into the screen after each process is finished. The screened workpiece should be protected carefully, avoid colliding each other. Clean workpiece with clear water. Do the next process after the workpiece dry.

9.7 After the dry polishing process, the workpiece should be clean in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the workpiece should be clean in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the grease and contamination. Do the next process after dry the workpiece.

10.Process Of The Gold And Silver

LDG series high precision centrifugal disc finishing machine is a compact unit that has two processes unit comprises of a dry polishing and wet grinding procedure. It is a new and high-efficiency polishing machine to finish the platinum, K gold, silver, brass, titanium and alloy jewellery. It is higher efficiency, less cost, more uniform effect, more gentle lustre compare with conventional handling process.

The whole process adopts many grades of the procedure. Make the surface of the jewellery change from rough to fine. Finally, finish in the polishing process.

10.1 warning

Before processing in the polishing tank, gold and silver jewellery should be filed, shaped and cut sprue after casting (do not leave deep curve).

In the wet process, the work capacity is approximately 500g around (depends on the workpiece size) the quantity should not exceed 500g.

Select the grinding media, polishing media, grinding compound and polishing paste according to material, shape and condition of workpiece.

In the dry polishing process, the ratio of the polishing media and polishing paste should not less than 10:1 (depends on practical condition).

In the dry polishing process, the workpiece that heavier than 5-6g or big workpiece can not be polished in this machine process to avoid collide each and damage. Suggest polish individually by hand.

10.2 Wet grinding

Suggest use P series grinding media (plastic media). There are various grades: very rough,  rough, medium, medium-fine, fine and the finest. The procedure is as follows:

a. The wet polishing process after shaping and remove and smooth the sprue (very rough grinding): select cone plastic media or tetrahedral plastic media individually, or mix cone(very rough) with tetrahedral(very rough); or select cone(rough) with tetrahedral(rough).

b. After above procedure or sanded by 400# sanding paper: select cone plastic media or tetrahedral plastic media (medium grinding) individually to use or mix cone(medium) with tetrahedral(medium); cone plastic media and tetrahedral plastic media (medium/fine grinding) also can be selected to use, or mixed cone(medium fine) with tetrahedral(medium finer). Select which one depends on the condition and requirement of the workpiece.

c. After above procedure or sanded by 600#-800# sanding paper: cone plastic media or  tetrahedral plastic media (fine grinding) can be selected individually to use, or mix cone(finer) with tetrahedral(finer); cone plastic media or tetrahedral plastic media (the finest grinding) also can be selected individually to use, or mix cone(the finest) with tetrahedral(the finest) Select which one depends on the condition and requirement of the workpiece.

d. After above procedure or sanded by 1000#-1200# sanding paper: cone plastic media or tetrahedral plastic media (the finest grinding) can be selected individually to use, or mix cone with tetrahedral . Select which one depends on the condition and requirement of the workpiece.

10.3 Dry Polishing

Recommend use dry polishing media W (Walnut shell) series, C (corn cob) series in dry polishing process. After adding polishing media add some polishing paste into the media.(the ratio of polishing paste is: for the first use the polishing paste quantity of the polishing paste should be 2%-3% of the polishing media, for the second use the polishing paste should be 0.1%-0.2% of the polishing media). Start the machine. Mix the media and the paste well, then put the workpiece one by one. The procedure is as follows.

a. After above procedure (10.2) wet grinding, the surface of the workpiece is fine, after assure that the polishing paste and polishing media has been mixed well, start the machine, put the dried workpiece to the barrel one by one. The media size and grinding process time depends on the condition and requirement of the workpiece. Suggest polishing for 1-2 hour or longer.

b. For the gold or silver jewelry that has been placed too long time or the surface has become gray (oxidation) can be polished in the barrel directly. Polish for 30 minutes to 1 hour, the workpiece will renew.

c. For the first time to use of everyday, add new polishing paste as above method.

d. When finishing the platinum, titanium alloy and stainless steel jewellery, usually add polishing compound every 1-1.5 hour. When finishing gold, silver, brass and its alloy jewellery, add polishing compound 1.5-2 hour.

The media can be used for 60-80 hour before being replaced. If use too long time it will affect the result. Replace it in time.

11. The Secret Of Successful Polishing

When use polishing machine doing finishing,choice of machine, media compound and process are the main factor of success. In jewellery manufacture process should pay attention to the improve process, cultivation staff and should pay attention to the improve process, cultivation staff and improve technological due to the different shape, size and finished condition of the jewellery. Personnel are the most important factor. Summarize and create the rational and perfect processing technology in practice, will just make your products perfectly and gain the business opportunity.



VA20 Gap Adjustment Illustration

Gap Value Set In Factory:

Range Of Gap Value For Wet Grinding: 0.10~0.20mm.

Range Of Gap Value For Wet Grinding: 0.05~0.10mm.

Function Of Screw:

1. Inner Hexagon Corrugated Screw; 1Used for adjusting and set gap value. 2Support the upper adjustable barrel.

2. Inner Hexagon Screw: 1To avoid the slide trend of adjustable barrel. 2To pull the adjustable barrel, the power of the pull affect the gap value directly.Indicate when turning the adjustable barrel clockwise or anticlockwise to makes the corrugated screw move one step; the gap will reduce or enlarge 0.035mm.

Method Of Gap Adjustment:

1. Adjust the six corrugated screw evenly by compressing 1/3.

2. Unscrew the six inner hexagon screw under the flange,turn the adjustable barrel clockwise to reduce the gap, turn anticlockwise to enlarge the gap.

3. Measure the gap by means of the plug gauge, you can adjust the gap to the maximum value in the range first (due to the adjustable barrel and the barrel base matched by screws so there may be gap discreoancy of the circle), then adjust the gap by means of the six inner hexagon corrugated screws little by little.

VA20 High Precision Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Circuit Diagram

polishing machine buffing machine

Introduction for VA series Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machine

The patented adjustable gap system of the VA series enables a precision of 0.05mm.

This unique setting of the gap between the disc and the ring of the barrel make super fine polishing granulate to be possibly used as media.

The VA series model, therefore, produces the superior polishing surface with the lowest processing cost.

Besides, the customized process prevents the gap from overheating.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA20-2


Working principle for VA series Jewelry Polishing Machine

The VA series machine from Inovatec work on the centrifugal disc finishing concept, it functioned with a highly effective and efficient mass finishing system.

During this process, the components are processing in a barrel-shaped container where media and components make a rotational relative movement.

The media inside the container is driven by the centrifugal force of disc which generated from the bottom of the container.

The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing through in the wet processing machine.

In dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

The centrifugal force with different media act on the surface of the component gives different finishing result, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with the vibratory finishing process.

During wet surface finishing processing constant water and compound flow which at meantime take off wear off debris together.

This leaves the components of a fresh and clean surface.


VA Series Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Application

Suitable for small to medium-size production capacity, especially suitable for flexible production with small-batch multi-category production



VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine feature:

  • Lower capital investment compared with CF ZERO gap machine model
  • The system model can be customized according to customer requirement
  • Better cost-effective
  • High efficient machine design with already in-hand experience and process
  • Superior surface finishing
  • deburring machine polishing machine buffing machine
  • VA20 High Precision centrifugal disc Finishing Machine Outside View Drawing

VA60 Centrifugal disc finishing machine

1、Frame 2、Grinding Barrel 3、Electrical Control Box 4、Handle 5、Cycle Water Device (Inlet Valve) 6、Screen 7、Collector

Instruction  Of  Water  System

1.Pump   2.Fitting   3.Quick  Fitting   4.Tube-Circular  Water   5.Bend   6.Valve-Control  Quantity  Of  Water  7.Plastic  Drainpipe   8.Water  Tank-ratio of grinding   9.Plug  into the socket under the electric box    Ⅰ.Pump  Plug

separator for media and parts

Installation of VA series Centrifugal disc finishing machine:

  • 1. Assemble 123456 as a set, Put the pump into the water tank;
  • 2. Assemble the support on the top of the barrel;
  • 3. If you want to use the water comes down form7 circularly to drain water to the water tank.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


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