Otec Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine - ISO9001 China Direct Price

The cost-effective jewelry polishing machine includes a wet barrel, dry barrel, and magnetic barrel.
Otec Eco MaxiBasic Drive UnitDry UnitWet UnitMagnetic Unit
Size (mm)360x350x310360x350x490360x350x490360x350x530
Container volume (l,mm)66φ225mm
Weight (kg)16172020
Power (kw)0.8/2300.8/2300.8/2300.8/230
Frequency (HZ)50/6050/6050/6050/60
Recommend workpiece quantity (g)200300300
Recommend fill media2.2kg walnut3kg plastic media
3kg steel media
4kg porcelain media
200g steel pins

The modular concept of the ECO-Maxi is ideal for smaller series production. Due to the leading technology, the machines are characterized by high economic efficiency, which saves you up to 60% of your conventional production costs. The ECO-Maxi “basic” is available with three containers “wet”, “dry” and “magnetic” barrels, or only with the container for magnetic polishing. Below are the advantages of the ECO-Maxi machines:

  • Clean and brighten workpiece surfaces
  • Complete removal of every mark and cast skin for optimal results.
  • Refinement of the surface to hand polish quality
  • Shine even in difficult to access filigree areas and complete removal of oxide discoloration and investment residues.
  • Flexible use
  • For the first time, this machine type realizes the use of three different machining processes with just one machine.

Otec Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finishing System

Otec Eco Maxi is a German design product with high quality. There are 3 units of barrels in the package.

Inovatec Machinery is the leading manufacturer of Otec Eco Maxi Finisher.

The drive unit (base unit) of the ECO-Maxi disc finisher basic is designed in such a way that it optimally supports all three processes.

Depending on the selected container, magnetic polishing, wet grinding or dry polishing is possible with just one drive.

This is done by simply placing the appropriate swap body.

With wet grinding, results are already achieved after 3-4 hours.

The disc with a small gap allows precision parts finishing like earrings and rings.

The processing speed is about 0-400 RPM. It is ideal for fast material removal.

You can easily make speed control with a screw at the control panel.

Eco maxi before shipment

The workpiece surface is not hardened through the use of special “soft” grinding tools – the formation of the orange peel is thus reliably prevented.

The results are complete removal of emery marks and cast skin and clean and bright workpiece surfaces.

When dry polishing, polishing granules from walnut shells ensure the finest surfaces.

The material is removed in the micro-range.

Bound diamonds, zirconia, or pearls are not damaged.

The processing time for pre-polishing is approx. 2-3 hours, and approx. 30 minutes for post-polishing with the result of very smooth surfaces and a brilliant shine, comparable to hand polishing.

This equipment is easy to maintain, so it is well received by people all over the world.

Eco maxi machine in packaging

List of Free Tumbling Media and Compound Shipped with Otec Eco Maxi

  • 2.5kg plastic media 800# 10×10 cone
  • 2.5kg plastic media 1200# 12×12 cone
  • 2kg walnut shell for dry polishing
  • 300 grams of magnetic pins
  • wet polishing compound 500ml
  • dry polishing paste 500ml

Please understand that the above media and compound are free, but you have to add the shipping cost if you want to ship to your door.

If you have a shipping location in China, we will offer free shipment as well.

Delivery time is 7 days.



  • Speed ​​control via frequency converter
  • Bayonet lock for container removal
  • CD display with high speed and process duration
  • Automatic container detection
  • 6-liter working tank for wet processing including dosing pump and wastewater tank
  • 6-liter working container for dry machining
  • 6-liter working container for magnetic polishing incl. 200 g stainless steel pencils M 4/7 and 1-liter compound SC 3


General information and process details

Otec Eco Maxi FAQ Guide

1. Can the Otec Eco Maxi dry and wet tumble?

Yes. The Otec Eco Maxi can both dry and wet tumble metal parts for surface improvement.

However, there are vital factors that you need to consider when tumbling in both scenarios, wet and dry.

Let’s start with the dry tumbling.

Eco Maxi Centrifugal disc finishing machine dry barrels

For dry tumbling, a combo of the right abrasives and a tumbling machine is essential.

You need to select the right media, depending on your metal’s strength and the degree to which you’d want its surface to be improved.

As the name suggests, dry tumbling does not involve the use of any liquids during mass finishing.

Therefore, several problems may arise. However, by using a robust extraction process, the dry tumbling process becomes a success.

Dry tumbling is mostly used for polishing metals to achieve the highest degree of sleekness.

By using an appropriate polishing agent (in the form of a powder or paste) and abrasive media, friction caused through tumbling actions polishes your metal.

Contrary to dry finishing, wet tumbling involves the use of liquid compounds (sometimes water), abrasive media, and the right machine for the task.

Eco Maxi Centrifugal disc finishing machine wet barrels

You can determine what media is best for you based on the strength of your metal parts.

For instance, for harder metals like titanium and steel, the best media to use for surface improvement is ceramic media.

Ceramic media is robust and can deburr, polish, and even round edges of metal parts with ease. For even heavier metals, stainless steel media can be used.

Eco Maxi Centrifugal disc finishing machine full set

For softer metals such as aluminum and brass, you can use synthetic media to improve their surfaces. Synthetic media is not as inflictive as ceramic media.

Also, synthetic media is 40% lighter than ceramic media, which makes it more economical to use than ceramic.

The degree of sleekness that you desire matters. Plastic media will only improve the surface by deburring, but the output will not be shiny.

If you want a brilliant output on your metal parts, consider using more inflictive surface improvement media.

2. Is the dry tumble noisy?

Dry tumbling using the Otec Eco Maxi is not that noisy compared to horizontal barrel tumbling.

Check this out:

The dry tumbling process is naturally noisier than the wet tumbling process.

This is because the dryness and friction brought by the tumbling process produce more noise compared to wet tumbling, where water or compounds reduce the noise.

During dry tumbling, a powder or a paste is used for surface polishing.

Abrasives such as ceramic or synthetic media are also used.

Abrasives are selected depending on the metal type, and the degree of sleekness required.

The noise results from the friction being caused by the rubbing of metal parts and abrasives against each other.

Mostly, dry tumbling is used for polishing metal parts’ surfaces.

3. What is the capacity of the Eco Maxi?

The Otec Eco Maxi firstly can finish parts either through the wet disc finisher or dry disc finisher or even magnetic disc finisher.

These three processes are aimed at improving the surfaces of your metal parts.

The Eco Maxi has a capacity of 6 liters for each of the three containers it has.

Its (Eco Maxi) dimensions are 90 x 800 x 1440 mm, which can perform all of the above processes.

The Eco Maxi weighs 41 kgs.

The Eco Maxi is most suitable for small series production of metal parts.

4. How does the Otec Eco Maxi work?

The Otec Eco Maxi is a mass finishing machine.

It works by shaking the contents in its tub, thus creating friction.

The process involves preparing parts in mass.

The rubbing of abrasives and metal parts provides the desired result of improving surfaces.

The Eco Maxi, as its name suggests, is highly economical, saving up to about 60%, compared to the ordinary methods of finishing.

The Eco Maxi is a specially designed setting for wet, dry, and magnetic finishing.

For the dry finishing, abrasive media, metal parts, and perhaps surface polishing paste or powder are used, and then the Eco Maxi’s tumbler begins vibrating upon turning it on.

Mostly, the dry finishing of metal parts is used for polishing surfaces to achieve the sleekest look.

The best part about dry finishing is that you will not have to incur extra costs of disposing of waste compounds safely to prevent environmental damage.

However, you’ll incur expenses when acquiring media that is absorbent of the dust produced after tumbling.

For wet finishing, abrasives, metal parts, and a compound are mostly used.

The media used depends on the type of metal. Also, the compound to be used also depends on the type and degree of surface improvement of metal parts required.

After wet finishing, you will be required to rinse your metal parts thoroughly with water.

This removes the impurities and keeps the parts fresh and ready for use.

Magnetic finishing is quite different from the other finishing techniques.

The magnetic particles are mixed with abrasive powder.

Then, a magnetic field is applied, which forces the abrasive and the magnetic particles to work on the metal parts.

The best part about using the magnetic finishing process is that you can always adjust the strength of the magnetic field, depending on the degree of sleekness that you desire.

There are two types of magnetic finishing, where you can either use an electromagnet or rare-earth permanent magnet.

When using a rare-earth permanent magnet, you will not be able to adjust the strength of the magnetic field.

After selecting which method you are going to use to improve your surface, the Eco Maxi spins to a maximum of 400 revolutions per minute.

It also uses 380 V/ 50-60 Hz electricity.

You have the option to control the speed of the spins to make the process economical and efficient.

The Eco Maxi works by using the best of centrifugal force.

The machine is flexible enough, and it is the first of its kind to use three separate finishing processes on one tumbling device.

You can also get a fourth option of drying using the Eco Maxi machine, which can dry parts that are over 7 grams in weight.

5. Is the Eco Maxi expensive?

The Eco Maxi machine is priced at USD 1,800-2,500 per piece.

Now, depending on what sort of tasks you would want to perform with it, is what will determine if the batch-finishing machine is expensive to you or not.

The Eco Maxi is majorly used in surface improvement, specifically deburring and polishing.

Small parts, such as earrings and wristwatch parts, are cleaned well. Such tiny pieces are challenging to polish well, and the Eco Maxi can do the job excellently. If used well, it can be advantageous to you.

6. How does the Eco Maxi polish magnetically?

The Eco Maxi has a 6-liter container where the metal parts, abrasive, and magnetic particles are placed.

The magnetic polish is usually a preparatory step before wet finishing.

The magnetic polish process works best by using steel pins in compounds or in water, depending on your metal.

They then work by hitting the metal parts (like 1000 tiny hammers) until a bright spot is created.

The process can take either 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of sleekness you require. After that duration, your metal parts will shine, even in the most inaccessible regions.

Also, the layer of oxides present on your metal surface will be removed entirely together with any other form of discoloration.

The only major problem with using the magnetic process of surface improvement is that you cannot remove the marks on metals that were formed during casting.

You cannot also remove the abrasion scratches on the surface of your metals.

The good part is that the amount of metal parts removed by steel media during finishing is minimal.

This makes the process efficient as it takes a short time for the process to complete.

Also, your metal parts are preserved; the procedure only takes away a minimal amount of your metal.

The marks on metal surfaces brought by casting and other forms of modification are removed during the wet grinding stage of metal surface improvement.

7. Can the Eco Maxi tumble heavy metal?

The Eco Maxi machine is only suitable for small series production of metal parts, such as jewelry preparation and small metal parts.

Heavier metals are best tumbled using the horizontal barrel tumbler.

The Eco Maxi machine only tumbles using three processes, wet tumbling, dry tumbling, and magnetic tumbling.

You can also get the fourth option of drying, where you will only dry parts that are over 7 grams of weight.

8. How many tumbling parts does the Eco Maxi have?

The Eco Maxi machine has three parts, the dry polishing container, wet grinding container, and the magnetic tumbling container.

The dry tumbling, also known as dry polishing, is used to polish metal parts using walnut shell granules for the best surface improvement.

Walnut granules are organic materials that absorb impurities and oils on metal parts’ surfaces.

The polishing process takes two to three hours. The final polishing may take 30 minutes to ensure smooth and shiny surfaces.

The dry polish container has a non-expandable 6-liter capacity.

The wet grinding process is now easier.

A process that would have otherwise taken several days to complete now takes only 3 to 4 hours.

The abrasives used during wet grinding are softened, to prevent “orange-peel” on the surfaces of metal parts.

The Eco Maxi delivers unparalleled results – it removes machine marks on the surfaces of metal parts during casting.

The wet grinding container has a 6-liter capacity, which includes a waste-water tank and a dosing pump.

Finally, the Eco Maxi has a magnetic polishing tank that is restricted to magnetic polishing.

Magnetic polishing is done before wet grinding for impeccable results. The process takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

The process completely removes residuals and an oxidized layer.

9. Which areas of application can the Eco Maxi be employed?

The Eco Maxi improves the surfaces of metals even on the most intricate parts.

The machine can be used to enhance surfaces of jewelry, wristwatch parts, and medical appliances such as knee joints, surgical fasteners, bone screws, and plates.

The Eco Maxi does not tumble substantial amounts of metal parts compared to other finishing machines, like the horizontal barrel tumbler.

The vibratory tumbling machine is only used for tumbling light metal parts such as jewelry or wristwatch parts.

10. Which finishing processes does the Eco Maxi employ?

The Eco Maxi improves the surfaces of metals through three processes.

The first process is magnetic polishing which removes any layer of oxidation and also removes residuals on the surface of a metal.

Then, they work by hitting the metal parts until a bright spot is created.

The process can take a maximum of 30 minutes.

The second process is wet grinding, and the metal parts are ground for up to four hours, where the machine is able to reach the most intricate parts, which would have otherwise become too expensive to clean using any other surface improvement method.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or send us an email.

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