Linear vibratory finishing machine

Vibratory Tub Finishing Machines have rectangular working bowl with either straight or curved side walls based on the application. The system cascades mixture of tumbling media and components in the Tub, producing relative movement between the two. This results in efficient processing of components. Vibration can be adjusted with eccentric weights and systems can be batch type, continuous or customized as per needs.

If you’ve read about our vibratory finishing machines, you should know that they come in different forms. One of them is the tub vibratory finishing machine. Vibratory finishing machines are a great addition to the manufacturing industry.

In this article, we’ll focus on the tub vibratory finishing machines, particularly on linear vibratory finishing machines and trough vibratory finishing machines.

One of the key application for the tub vibrator is for surface ageing (Antique) of all kinds of natural stones.

The attributes of natural stones arising from their structure and the target surface, special processes that are developed in particular towards the process quality, play an important role in the preference of such product.

What is important at this point is that the mutual compatibility of the product features and the selected process must be precisely determined.

Also, Inovatec processes for natural stones with special product qualities avail positive directions to the industry i.e. they can be successfully used in various fields such as columns, sidewalks, wall stones, marble sink, sculptures and similar areas.


  • Suitable for mix size, large and long parts
  • Machine can be customized to suit parts
  • Continuous Machine can be offered
  • Divider plates for large heavy parts and moving parts to prevent contact


  • Faster processing than hexagonal barrel
  • Can handle small to very large and very long parts
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Batch or continuous operation

Vibratory Finishing Machines in Mass Finishing

The process of mass finishing has enabled industry professionals to achieve amazing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Mass finishing means working on a large batch of parts at once to minimize waste, both time and money.

Vibratory finishing machines are the most used surface finishing machine worldwide thanks to its efficiency and affordability. These machines utilize vibration of the chamber to tumble the parts and the media.

Among the different types of vibratory finishing machines, we’ll be focusing on the tub vibratory finishing machines today.

What is Tub Vibratory Finishing Machines?

Tub vibratory finishing machines are as they sound like. They are formed in a rectangular tub. The channel diameter and length is variable. The tub is suspended and mounted on springs attached to the bottom of the machine.

Vibratory tub with sound cover

There are a motor and a rotating shaft that goes behind the functionality of the tub vibratory finishing machine. These parts of the machine are located at the bottom, within the base. The shaft runs with a V-belt drive that comes from the motor and attaches to the base.

Like other vibratory finishing machines, tub vibratory finishing machines offer flexibility and absolute control over the speed of the machine. Most standard vibratory finishing machines operate between 1200 to 2700 RPM, which is set manually by the operator.

Tub vibratory finishing machines are also known for the amazing control features. As these machines mostly deal with big and long parts, it’s really important for the operator to control the speeds. A wrong frequency of the vibration can damage the entire batch.

Why Use a Tub Vibratory Machine

Similar to other vibratory finishing machines, the tub vibratory finishing machine has some amazing advantages.

For starters, you can process really large and long metal parts in a tub vibratory finishing machine. These machines come in variable sizes and shapes that can be custom-fitted according to your needs.

Another important aspect of the tub vibratory machines is they can handle really delicate and sensitive parts with ease. It’s very normal for you to think that as tub vibratory machines deal with large metal parts, it must be really blunt and aggressive.

vibratory finishing tub container loading

Although aggressive, tub vibratory finishing machines are designed to have a subtle approach. It might seem contradictory, but that’s the characteristic of the machine.

The tubs are also very easily divided, so you can finish different parts in a separate chamber with different media, at once. It’s a great plus if you run a workshop that deals with multiple types of metal parts, or any other element for that matter.

1800 liter tub vibratory finishing machine

As the tub vibratory finishing machines are easy to customize, you can build a small unit for portability. It’s amazing how much flexibility a tub vibratory finishing machine can offer. Similarly, you can build humungous tub vibratory finishing machines if you see fit. Manufacturers like us, Inovatec Machinery have mastered the art of perfecting every unit according to customer’s wish.

Some Disadvantages

No machine in the world is built perfectly. Every system has some sort of defect that makes it impossible to achieve the 100% efficiency mark. In the case of tub vibratory machines, there are some problems with the rectangular shape of the machine.

Let’s start with the manual part unloading. In cases of thru-feed vibratory finishing machines, you get to load the machine with parts but you don’t have to unload them. But in tub vibratory finishing machines, you have to manually unload it.

If you have too many small or flat parts loaded into a tub vibratory finishing machine, there is a high chance that they would get stuck on to the tub’s sidewalls.

Another common problem is that tub vibratory finishing machines don’t like to stay uniform. As the surface area is not equal on every side, the parts tend to drive to the end of the tub and disrupt the balance between the media and the parts. As a result, there is a high chance of part to part friction damage.

The Bowl VS the Tub

Although bowl-type vibratory finishing machines are the norm, tub vibratory finishing machines offer a more robust approach. Bowl type vibratory machines are shaped like donuts. There is a u-shaped channel which is suspended by the springs in the round base.

The power comes through a shaft which is vertically mounted through the center column. It can either run by an external drive motor attached to the base or an integral motor. In the case of an integral motor, the shaft and the motor are built together in the center column.

Overall, the tub vibratory machines offer more parts processing in time. Also, they are great for processing sensitive parts like automotive crankshafts and all.

PZG(A)200 vibratory finishing machine with Straight wall bowl

Trough/Linear Vibratory Finishing Machines

Trough vibratory finishing machines, also known as linear vibratory finishing machines are a type of tub vibratory finishing machine, but the shape of the chamber is like a U instead of a rectangle. These machines are great for the automotive industry. The U shaped chamber can handle really long parts that are nearly impossible to process with a bowl-type vibratory finishing machine.

Trough vibratory machines can effectively deburr and smoothen any surface, even the most complex ones. It’s run with a very powerful motor that is set under the machine to achieve the desired vibratory effect.



Vibratory finishing machines are a wonder of modern science that uses a very simple concept to get the ultimate effect on metal parts. Among the many types of vibratory finishing machines, the tub vibratory finishing machines offer the most versatile application feature over the other ones.

If you really think a good tub vibratory machine can change the way you do your business, you should invest in one right away. When it comes to vibratory finishing machines, particularly tub vibratory machines, there are hardly any alternatives to Inovatec Machinery. Look at our other ventures as well to find the best media and mass finishing machines as well.

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