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High precision centrifugal disc finishing machine


The   patented adjustable gap system of the VA series enables a precision of 0.05mm. This unique setting of the gap between the disc and the ring of barrel make super fine polishing granulate to be possibly used as media. The VA series model therefore produces the superior polishing surface with lowest processing cost. Besides, the customized process prevents the gap from overheating.

Working principal

The high precision centrifugal disc finishing machines are widely used in jewellery and high precision and thin components; it functioned with highly effective and efficient mass finishing system. During this process, the components are processing in a barrel shaped container where media and components make rotational relative movement. The media inside the container is driven by centrifugal force of disc which generated from the bottom of the container. The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing though in the wet processing machine. In dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

The centrifugal force with different media act on surface of component gives different finishing result, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with vibratory finishing process. During wet surface finishing processing a constant water and compound flow which at meantime take off wear off debris together. This leaves the components a fresh and clean surface.

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