High precision centrifugal disc finishing machine

The patented adjustable gap system of the VA series enables a precision of 0.05mm. This unique setting of the gap between the disc and the ring of barrel make super fine polishing granulate to be possibly used as media. The VA series model therefore produces the superior polishing surface with lowest processing cost. Besides, the customized process prevents the gap from overheating.

Working principal

The high precision centrifugal disc finishing machines are widely used in jewellery and high precision and thin components; it functioned with highly effective and efficient mass finishing system. During this process, the components are processing in a barrel shaped container where media and components make rotational relative movement. The media inside the container is driven by centrifugal force of disc which generated from the bottom of the container. The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing though in the wet processing machine. In dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

The centrifugal force with different media act on surface of component gives different finishing result, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with vibratory finishing process. During wet surface finishing processing a constant water and compound flow which at meantime take off wear off debris together. This leaves the components a fresh and clean surface.

Otec centrifugal disc finishing machine deburring and polishing

The metal finishing industry has in place numerous metal finishing machines. These all help to successfully create the ideal parts for different applications. One finishing machine worth looking into is the centrifugal disc finishing machine. These are low maintenance finishing options that give you faster output.


How do they work?

The name of this machine describes the process your parts undergo to get finished. You will have a barrel-shaped chamber with one open end for placing your items. It comes with fixed sidewalls to aid the finishing process. At the bottom of the barrel, is a disc. It’s what gives the machine it’s signature rotational movement.

You will put your parts and chosen finishing media into the barrel to begin the process. As the barrel spins, a centrifugal force gets created. The force pushes everything in the barrel to cling to the sidewalls. As it continues to spin, everything inside gradually moves upwards towards the barrel opening. The movement causes your parts to get subjected to more contact with the tumbling media. To increase the force working on your items, the chosen machine’s RPM should get considered. The higher the RPM, the more energy is created by the disc. As a result, more pressure gets applied between your parts and media.

centrifugal disc finishing with ceramic media

In case you’re worried that everything may fly out of the barrel, don’t be. The bulk of the created centrifugal force lies at the bottom of the barrel. Therefore, the included items can only go so high up the barrel’s sides. The higher they go up the sidewalls, the lower the centrifugal force acting on them. As this force decreases, the effect of gravity starts to kick in. The combined media and metal items towards the top then tumble back to the bottom. From there, they get subjected to higher centrifugal forces, and they begin moving upwards again. The process repeats itself until your desired results get acquired.

Expected Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Results

The reason this machine is a preferred option is that it produces higher throughput levels. These levels go further towards enabling you to have your parts finished within shorter periods. The high energy processing, therefore, makes it suitable for parts that require aggressive deburring. Additionally, you can accomplish extraordinary edge radiusing of both medium and smaller sized items. For those who need smoother surfaces or brighter polishes, this machine can also achieve such. It’s also an excellent option for those who’ve just started working in the finishing industry. That’s because they have easy to use controls.

Industries that thrive the most by using this finishing machine include:

  • Those who are working in the jewelry industry. Using this machine cuts out the need to manually polish the items created
  • Metallic items produced through stamping and forging processes
  • Smaller mechanical parts

precision parts surface finishing

Depending on the model you select, you’ll get added functionalities to streamline your operations. Some models come with magnetic separators. These make it possible for your items to get separated from tumbling media. You, therefore, don’t need to spend time picking out smaller pieces by hand. The automated process enables you to proceed to the next step quickly.

For those who work in residential, there are options for you as well. Metal finishing processes tend to be loud as the machine operates. That’s because of the machine’s operations, plus the sound of tumbling media and parts. However, advancements in the creation of these machineries have versions that produce minimal noise. Therefore, if you happen to have your finishing station in a residential area, don’t worry. Minimal noise finishing machines make it possible for you to work more quietly.

Types of Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

The finishing process you would like you to handle determines the type of machine used. You can also choose whether to have a manual, semi-automatic, or an automatic model. For companies that need to process bigger volume batches, a fully automated option is ideal.

Your expected result will also determine whether you require a dry or wet finishing machine model. It’s worth noting that not all machines can accommodate both processes. With the wet finishing process, you’ll need your metallic parts, tumbling media, and abrasive compounds. For a dry process, you will leave out the abrasive compound.

media and parts separation

Our Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

At our company, you will come across a variety of centrifugal disc finishing machines. These come in different variations to support whichever mass finishing process you desire. They also come in different sizes. So, choose depending on how much room you have to set up your finishing station. The machine size you want will also determine how many parts can get finished at a go. Therefore, have all this information on hand when you’re looking to purchase a centrifugal finishing machine. Some of the models you’ll come across within our product range include:

  • Jewelry Polishing Machine: CF Series
  • Centrifugal Disc Finisher: VA Series
  • Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine: CD Series, Manual
  • Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine: CD Series, Automatic

Centrifugal disc finishing machine with unloading 230 liter semi

How we can help you

We have been in the mass finishing industry for decades. With our experience comes a lot of expertise in the industry’s best practices. We’re, therefore, able to deal with any requests you may have for your products. We’ve grown by choosing to specialize in the creation of all our machinery and media. That means we can guarantee you’ll receive top-quality finishes every time. Another one of our great qualities is we also create personalized products. Whatever it is you need is what we ensure we deliver to you.

centrifugal disc finishing machine profile

With our centrifugal disc finishing machines, you will get affordable options for your company. The availability of different machine models makes it possible for you to select your preference. Choose whether to have a manually operated machine or an automatic one. In case you don’t know which to pick, get in touch with our expert staff. Based on the finishing results you desire, they’ll be able to advise you accordingly. Once you’ve selected a machine, don’t forget to also get media directly from us.

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