VB(B) Vibratory Finishing Machine with Straight Wall Bowl

If you are looking for a heavy-duty mass finishing machine that can process large parts with ease, the Vibratory Finisher VB(B) is the right choice for you. It has a wide bowl that can contain large parts. One of the great things about this machine is that it can use a wide array of media without any problems.

VB(B) vibratory finishing machine technical info

Total volume (L)3063100220250400660920130015002500
Max overall dimension A670830102012001310141018201930193021202300
Motor installation tube (mm) CΦ136Φ114Φ470Φ626Φ620Φ633Φ910Φ610Φ610Φ690Φ850
Process bowl width (mm) DΦ184Φ280Φ216Φ220Φ270Φ320Φ370Φ560Φ560Φ630Φ650
Tunnel depth (mm) E200245330385390450490575575630850
Machine height (mm) H800910860915900104011401350135014201350
Motor (kW)0.50.75/1.11.5/
Weight (kg)8511026042060085018502200220024003000


Vibratory Finisher VB(B) Product Description

The vibratory VB(B) series of finisher comes with a wide and straight wall design. The space inside is enough to process and tumble large parts. No matter how heavy your workpieces are, the machine will handle them with ease. You can use a range of exotic media other than the conventional media.

The Vibratory Finisher VB(B) from Inovatec has a large bowl as the centerpiece.  This bowl has enabled this machine to process larger-sized parts. The tumbling process is done by pouring the tumbling media and parts into the bowl. The machine then vibrates at a very high speed the enables the media to rub against the parts to remove excess material.

This beast of a mass finishing machine is made of a hot- poured PU bowl and an industrial vibration motor. The polyurethane we use to make our machines is directly sourced from the USA. An automatic casting machine molds the PU and cures it for 24 hours under heavy monitoring.

The end result of the process is a 90D hardness PU bowl that is resistant to damage over the years. You can get years of high performance out of our Vibratory Finisher VB(B). If maintained properly, the machine will serve you for five years with no issues.



  • Can easily contain large automotive parts like crankshafts, gear houses, gear pinions, and so on
  • Great for aerospace parts finishing
  • Amazing choice for finishing large parts
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