One of the key application for surface finishing machine is deburring of workpieces of various size and shape. Metal components after stamping process leave burr at other side of parts. The burr need to be removed before coating and plating process.

The application range is wide, including medical implant and surgical equipment, tools, semi conductors, plastic component and rubber ring deflashing, ect.

Some special industry have superior extra requirement for the deburring performance and surface condition. To achieve optimal performance with lowest possible cost, processing technique should be carefully designed. An automatic continuous production machinery is recently popular in Alumina casting industry for automotives.

With PLC controlled the process and machinery, the machine parts can be input and output rythmatically.

Jewelry industry is another industry which have good application for deburring machine. Silver rings and gold pedants which need to be deburring after casting to make surface smooth. Coral and amber need to be smoothen before polishing to get a fine surface. Besides, natural pearl should also be grinded to remove defect and surface layer.

The deburring machine have so many application so that it gain popolarity among industries.

Here we introduce the lastest technology which innovated by Inovatec polishing which combine and high efficiency and easy workability. Inovatec deburring machine with best cost efficiency can easily achieve good performance in relatively short processing time. The rigidity of the machine make sure that it is durable.

For special customized requirement, please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you within couple of hours.

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