One of the key application for surface finishing machine is polishing of workpieces of various size and shape. The application range is wide, including table ware, key chain, watch cases, jewelry accessory ect. Some special industry have superior extra requirement for the polishing performance and surface condition, for example for industry bearing which used in extreme environment, usually a good polished surface means lower surface friction and longer service life.

Automotive is another major area of polishing machine is used. Some major structural components like crankshaft need to be polished after quench hardening, car wheel need to be polished after casting, exhaust component need to be polished after ceramic coating, still belt buckle and back mirror need to be polished before painting.

The polishing machine have so many application so that it gain popolarity among industries.

Here we introduce the lastest technology which innovated by Inovatec Polishing which combine and high efficiency and easy workability. Inovatec polishing machine with best cost efficiency can easily achieve good performance in relatively short processing time. The rigidity of the machine make sure that it is durable.

For special customized requirement, please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you within couple of hours.

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